Throughout beta testing we have discovered a few things that have helped us to make a better board. One of our discoveries was that tall people with really narrow stances or short people with really wide stances have chosen deck sizes that might not be the best fit for them.

Therefore, we have added a range of stance width options rather than just one stance width for each deck by adding multiple binding mount locations – just like you would find on a snowboard. This feature will be available for all pre-order LEIF eSnowboards.

This will add a ton of versatility and customization because lets face it – one size does not fit all!

The binding is fastened into two places with one bolt inside each slot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.21.29 PM

Fitting Guide

Follow the sizing guide below by first measuring your preferred stance width. Do this by laying a tape measure on the ground and place one foot onto the tape measure with the outside edge of your foot on the 12″ mark. Then place your other foot on top of the tape measure and stand in your preferred stance. Note the mark on the outside edge of your other foot, then subtract 12″ – this will be your stance width.

The diagram below shows the range of stance widths for each deck size:


Finally, match up your stance width with your height. You may find that your stance width applies to more than one deck size. The best match for anyone will be a deck size that matches both height and stance width. However, if you are on the border, it is probably better to size down.

If you find that you cannot match your height and stance width, then it is likely that you are very tall with a very short stance width, or very short with a very wide stance width. In these cases, we recommend choosing the right deck based on height – but we do have 5’6″ riders that are comfortable on the Fulton and 6’0″ riders that are comfortable on the Pacific, so there really are no hard and fast rules here!