Hi Everyone,

We are back with a few exciting updates to the progress of wrapping up the final details of the LEIF eSnowboard. It has been a hectic start to the summer with some speed bumps and challenges that have since been overcome.

PCB Development Progress

floating-pcbAfter an initial setback on the PCB development, our EE team has finally programmed the motor controllers to control each motor independently – which is critical to the traction control algorithms. The motor control module from Texas Instruments only ships with software libraries for one motor control. Their official position is that the two-motor control is being released any day now, but instead of waiting – we spent the last month building our own libraries and now have complete independent control of two motors with one chip!

Our combination of smart motor control and sensors allow the LEIF to know the direction, speed, and acceleration in real time to output the optimal power distribution between the two motors so that the LEIF is easy to control and provide a silky smooth ride. The next step now is to test and fine tune the traction control, which is the last piece of the motor control development.

Final Never Summer Decks + New Feature Announcement

The final comps of our maple decks, in collaboration with Never Summer, are on the way to our Brooklyn HQ for final testing. If all goes well (and we fully expect it to) we will be sending out deck size order forms to all of our pre-order customers so that you can choose your deck size.

Here are a few photos of the progress – with one special surprise…


The Pros at the Never Summer fabrication shop are preparing the maple deck


The Never Summer press – making the best snowboards, longboards (and now eSnowboards!) in the world

Special Announcement: Never Summer Carbonium finish

We want the LEIF eSnowboard to be something special on every detail. Therefore, we worked with the Never Summer team to integrate the Carbonium finish – a finish that leaves the deck with the look and texture of carbon fiber. You have probably seen this finish on many of the Never Summer decks in your local board shop – and now it is coming to the LEIF eSnowboard!


The Never Summer Carbonium Finish on the LEIF eSnowboard deck!

Post-production finishing will leave the LEIF eSnowboard with the Carbonium finish much like the image below:


Carbonium Finish – Up Close

More Updates Coming Soon

It is hard to express how tremendously excited we are to see the LEIF eSnowboard finally come together with components and features that we didn’t dream possible even just 6 months ago. The next couple weeks will focus on dialing in the traction control and getting the main PCBs ready for final order. If you have pre-ordered the LEIF, be sure to keep an eye out for an email update next week to make your selection on your deck length.

Talk soon,

Aaron, Dan & the entire LEIFTech Team

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  • Jeremy

    June 20, 2015at2:55 pm

    This all looks great! Any updates on shipping estimates? Hoping to be able to ride my summer snowboard during the summer!

      • Jeremy

        June 24, 2015at12:34 am

        Thanks Aaron. I always appreciate the quick responses. I am just a little excited to get on this thing. All of our snow is gone here in SLC, but there are a bunch of concrete hills calling my name.

  • Lynn Preston

    June 20, 2015at3:49 pm

    Hey guys,

    I’m a surfer and skateboarder, but have never snowboarded. Can you help me out with selecting a deck length? I’m male, 5’8″, 170 lbs.


    • vilisa

      June 20, 2015at9:00 pm

      Your Very close to my dimensions.
      I use 154 & I’m 182cm 76kg

  • Damian

    June 20, 2015at10:11 pm

    Hi Guys, that Carbonium finish is just Out Of Control . I am so excited and I am also so excited for You. What You guys have done here is truly extraordinary. Really look forward to hearing from You and look forward to every step of this amazing process. I am going to take Eboarding to the next level. Ride Hard. Best. D

  • Brent Carter

    July 6, 2015at4:50 pm

    What deck size options will be offered? Any update on when to expect the deck selection email? Thanks.

  • Francis rocha

    July 9, 2015at10:40 am

    Hi Aaron

    Could you please give us a shipping update?



  • Fernando

    July 9, 2015at10:23 pm

    Was the deck size email sent out on the 7th as mentioned above? If so I did not receive it, please resend.

  • Stewart

    July 10, 2015at5:53 am

    Hi Fernando
    I did receive mine and filled in the board dimension and wheel colour (yes that is how we spell it this side of the pond) question.
    Did not though receive any sort of confirmation which I thought a bit poor.

    General opinion.
    As a whole I think the feedback from questions posed here is pretty poor if not dismal.
    Maybe they are being answered in direct mails (though there too I have my doubts due to personal experience), but it would be nice to see answers to what i think are very valid questions.
    Honest shipping estimate updates would be top of my list.
    When I ordered the estimate was June, when i first asked if I could expect delivery before August I was told that was “probably safe”. On asking again later this changed to not before end of August.
    Questions on international shipping have been ignored totally.
    I appreciate the difficulties of a start-up company and being at the mercy of component deliveries but transparency to customers is, in my opinion anyway, always a good thing. (Those who ordered a Marbel E-Board – also Kickstarter project – probably know what I am on about)
    Summer is short in the UK, I am just glad I built my own board so I am OK. GF was waiting for hers so had to fork out for an interim board as well.


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