Save $200 on LEIFTech

Because we got slammed.

2017 got kicked off with a bang and we’ve brought street snowboarding to 35 countries worldwide – and we quickly sold out of our stock!

We are in the process of re-stocking our shelves with new and improved components, and we’ll need about six weeks to do so. Therefore, we are offering a major discount on the LEIF for folks that pre-order early to be the first to shred pavement this summer.

“This thing is the most incredible device ever created” Frank, USA Customer

Save $200 Now Until April 27th

We are on a 6-week production cycle and those who pre-order before April 27th will save $200 on the LEIF eSnowboard. The discount will be reduced to $100 on April 27th and will reduce again to $50 on May 12th. Board shipping for this run will start on May 22nd.

A Lighter LEIF

This production run will feature the newest decks designed and manufactured by LEIF. These decks are 25% thinner and lighter, using alternating layers of carbon fiber, maple wood and fiberglass. The result is a responsive deck that cuts about 1.5 lbs off  the total board weight. The thinner deck is a sleeker look with real carbon fiber on the bottom layer, giving the LEIF an aggressive finish ready for city pavement – anywhere in the world.

30+ Updates & Improvements

We’ve been improving the LEIF since we started shipping in May 2016. We’ve integrated more than 30 updates to the board, all shipping in the new pre-sale run:

  • eliminated maintenance that early boards required
  • optimized the acceleration curve
  • strengthened our ABS parts
  • added higher quality/higher tolerance components
  • developed a lighter and stronger deck that cuts off 1.5 lbs

Shred All Summer

Save $200 by pre-ordering your LEIF today and join our customers

“I just recently bought one of your boards and I’d like to tell you that it’s f***g awesome – I’m in love with it!” – Rick, USA Customer


“I can’t stress it enough how helpful you’ve been with all of this. Your level of customer support far exceeds any I’ve ever experienced, and I’m positive I’m not the only one feels that way.” – Adam, Australia Customer


“The board arrived, it is honestly a dream. I can’t be without it for one second.” – Ruben, Germany Customer