We just received our first shipment of motors (220 units so far!) and the quality, precision and appearance of the production motors is beyond our expectations.

Originally invented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla, the 3-phase A/C motor is capable of generating a ton of power while taking up the fraction of the space that a traditional DC motor would require. The LEIFTech 3-phase A/C motors are small enough to fit unnoticed under the deck while providing enough power (1,295 watts!) to climb hills and travel up to 8 miles per charge.

Here’s a nice group shot of the motors in our Brooklyn HQ:


Close up shot of the paint and etching:


More updates to come as parts continue to flow into the shop here in Brooklyn!


  • Josef

    August 10, 2015at4:32 pm

    Thought I share this here:

    Email to Aaron:
    Your blog post says the motors have 1295 watts – that’s both together, right?

    Response from Aaron:
    Nope, that is each motor! This thing is going to have all the power you need to climb hills, roll over a variety of surfaces and handle any size human rider.

    Quite awesome 🙂

  • Jose Alemar

    August 12, 2015at3:04 pm

    I have been freebording x 4 months and tried all kind set ups (board size , wheels, etc). Will bushings handle heavy weight? (i’m 195 lbs). What is board width? (Nice choice to partner with NeverSummer). How much rocker is on the set up (difference in height between mid and side wheels)? I’m in Florida, if I order now when will it ship?

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