We’ve been keeping our manufacturing updates to our customers only for the last few months, so we thought it is about time for a public update as well!


Shipping Starting in May


After upgrading our center wheels to aluminum cores and replacing sub-par suppliers, we are finally in the clear on a shipping time frame. The last few months have been hectic as we have been going through quality control on the final components, and had to replace two suppliers. But we fought through it and have come out the other side with solid components!


It is our goal internally to ship most of the pre-order boards in May and the rest in early/mid June in the order of when your purchase was made. We have already begun assembling many of the components that we already have in the shop, so shipping on these pre-order boards will be faster and more efficient once the last few parts arrive.


We also had some fun doing drop tests today, kicking a complete LEIF package down 7 flights of stairs!



Drive Wheel Upgrades


We upgraded our drive wheels to aluminum cores and also added 3mm to the overall diameter. This means that each wheel will last months longer with a core that won’t break down and 3mm of extra wheel diameter (from 72mm to 75mm) to eat through on the pavement. The wheels are a bit more expensive, but the extra riding time and solid reliability is well worth the extra cost.


New Riding Videos from Durability Testing


We have been busy Beta testing the board, gradually pushing the limits on physical abuse, and everything keeps working great! We’ve driven through dirt, sticks, leaves, off stairs, ledges, up hills, down hills, everything we could imagine the board can go through.
Here are a few clips we filmed during beta testing: