Production is in full swing here in Brooklyn at the LEIFTech HQ. Even though we are still waiting on the main stock of drive wheels, we got a stack of 25 sets to ship and they are awesome, but pink!

pink drive wheels Now, we didn’t intend these wheels to be pink. The hardness, bounce and other physical properties are the same as our production wheels will be – but on sample runs it turns out that we have to take whatever color they are running for other customers at the time.

Although, we have had a ton of great reviews and even customers that have specifically asked to get the pink wheels! We have gotten colored samples in the past and considering how great they look, we are going to develop colored inside wheels in the future.

We are getting faster and more refined with our processes every day. LEIF is also hiring interns for summer help to get these pre-order boards delivered as quickly as possible!

boards assembly lineCE Certification Update

The CE certification that will allow us to start shipping to Europe has been going well and the lab informed us the certification should be ready by June 23rd. We have gotten a few boards to the EU with our customers flying them over, but mass deliveries to the EU will start soon!

Back to the workshop…