The LEIF is the most extreme electric rideable on the market – and we know that our customers are going to be pushing the board to it’s limits. Downtime is excruciating with such a fun board, so we put customer convenience over everything else and made the LEIF super easy to maintain.

Unlike all other electric rideables, any component on the LEIF can be fixed or replaced with an allen key set, a screwdriver and a wrench. Every wire and electrical component has a plug connector, rather than a soldered joint. Nothing is glued or otherwise locked down.

Easy Electronic Component Swapswires

We also did exactly twice the amount of soldering necessary during manufacturing to install bullet connectors to the electronically connections – which means that everything down to the motherboard can be quickly and easily swapped out by the customer with no soldering or shipping the board back and waiting weeks for repairs!

Every component on the LEIF will be available for purchase individually through our customer service center. We want to keep you up and riding as much as possible, and enabling you to do your own repairs will reduce downtime for everyone.

I can disassemble an entire board in 6 minutes – so routine maintenance and big fixes alike is fast and easy. We’ll be releasing how-to videos to empower our customers to always stay up and running.

Metric Fasteners

The LEIF eSnowboard is shipping out to 30+ countries worldwide and finding standard US sizes would be a headache for international customers. Therefore, we are using all metric screws and fasteners on the LEIF.

We are also selling fastener sets with an extra copy of every one of the 98 fasteners on the LEIF for just $20.