The LEIF eSnowboard decks by Never Summer Industries are finally here, and we couldn’t be more impressed!

The Carbonium finish turned out spectacular and now our design team will move to assembling the parts and adding final touch graphics. Notice the fine detail of the flat snowboard-like edges and the corners – no detail was overlooked.

Here are a few shots that we took in the office this afternoon. More updates prototype photos to come!






Don’t miss out on this huge discount for our pre-order customers that are slated to receive their eSnowboards this summer. The first full priced batch won’t ship until the holidays so take advantage of this offer while it lasts!



  • Damian

    June 26, 2015at10:48 pm

    Reel Nice. Those Decks are looking Sweet. Life is Good. Look forward to Riding a Board that is Truly Revolutionary. My performance too will do this Board it’s Full Justice. Good Going Guys. You Rule. Best. D

  • June 29, 2015at12:53 am

    Can’t wait to get it!!! Hurry up boyz!
    Shanghai streets are awaiting the first street legal snowboard….


  • Ryan

    June 29, 2015at1:54 pm

    Looks sick! love the edges. Gonna be a fun ride, cant wait!

  • Joey

    July 8, 2015at4:28 am

    I’d really like to order but I want to wait until there is a video of the final product in use. Will you guys be posting a new video before presales are over?

  • Jasper G

    July 16, 2015at8:07 pm

    Looking awesome! Glad everything is coming along. Can’t wait to be a Chicago ambassador. See you next weekend leiftech!

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