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It has been an exciting week here we have been populating and testing PCBs. This week, we got to work with and test the Beta remote control PCBs.
Remote Control PCB Testing


This week, we began testing the Beta remote control PCB hardware and software – and so far everything is working perfectly. The remote control is designed with one single button for operation, and one reset button that will be accessed by using a pin or paper clip if necessary. There are three LEDs that will indicate remote control battery level, bluetooth pairing and an on/off indicator. The firmware is also completely tightened up and ready for shipping.


Turning on/off – Holding the main button down for 1 second will turn the remote control on and off.


Pairing – Holding the main button for 5 seconds will put the remote control into pairing mode. You will only need to pair new remote controls, as each board will ship with the remote control already paired to the board. Each board has a unique address, so you will always remain connected with your board even when riding with friends or around other LEIF esnowboards.


Bluetooth indicator – This will confirm the connection between the remote control and the board. A solid blue light on the remote control and the board (located on the top of the electronics cover) will confirm a working bluetooth connection.


Here are a few under-the-hood photos of our remote control PCB:






Durability testing with Bureau Veritas
We have confirmed the durability lab testing to be done with the top global product testing lab Bureau Veritas during the third week of November. So far, our prototypes have handled these tests like a champ – but we want to be as diligent as possible with our durability testing on the final components. Therefore, we have identified 3 main durability tests that we will undergo – impact, vibration & temperature.


Impact – This is to be sure the LEIF electronics and mechanical components can handle normal drops.


Vibration – Skateboards are subject to a ton of vibration. Its like a mini earthquake going on at all times. BV will subject the LEIF to hours of constant vibration testing to ensure durability.


Temperature – The LEIF will be run in extreme cold and extreme heat on a treadmill in a 10×10 temperature controlled chamber to ensure we can withstand any city climate on the planet. This is especially important to our pre-sale customers in Kuwait and Alaska!


This weekend
We are continuing to undergo testing this weekend, as well as compiling all of the connectors, buttons and random parts for the Beta boards. There will be a ton of solder smoke in the air this weekend.


Next week
Next week will be dedicated to building the Beta boards and starting testing with the final main PCBs, which are scheduled to arrive on Thursday. Thursday will be dedicated to loading the firmware and undergoing preliminary desktop testing. Then Friday we are kicking off ground testing with our beta riders and sending a unit to BV for lab testing.


We are so pumped to have the development hurdles behind us and to everything come together with reliable components. Stay tuned for more updates next week as we wrap up testing and prepare for shipping!

Aaron, Dan & the entire LEIFTech Team

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    Great to hear guys!

  • joon

    November 8, 2015at9:54 pm

    So when will the board be ready to ship out? Also when does the preorder sale end?

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