The board is running great and we have sent the specs for four Beta PCBs last Friday. All other mechanical and electrical components have been tested and approved, and most of the mechanical parts are already in the warehouse waiting for assembly.

Beta Boards


Gathering components for the beta boards this afternoon

The plan at this point is to get our beta PCBs and ride them as much as possible in November. We will be sending one to a testing lab that will freeze, drop, shake, spray with water and do all kinds of other testing on the board so that we can be diligent with our durability testing.

The other Beta PCBs will be rode nonstop and tested on a variety of surfaces, inclines, etc. As long as these beta boards hold up during November testing, we’ll be ready to make our final PCB order on November 30th and start shipping in December.

We can’t tell the future, but we are very confident about the next round of Beta PCBs since our current PCBs have been burned, shocked, rode without covers (or nano coating) on grimy NYC streets, re-soldered dozens of times and just beat up for months – and they are still working great after all of that.

New Video: sliding 180s up hills

There aren’t too many hills in Brooklyn, but we found one inside Ft. Green Park so we could get some uphill sliding shots done. The video was so much fun to make!


We’re so close!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Aaron, Dan & the entire LEIFTech Team


  • Caleb

    October 30, 2015at11:01 am

    THIS IS AWESOME I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO COME OUT FOR MONTHS. I check in to this website every day for updates. i cant wait any longer!!

  • November 3, 2015at6:13 pm

    Pretty stoked. I think I am like #90 – can I expect mine in December? I live in San Francisco so weather is ready to ride. PLEASE….

  • Franko

    November 3, 2015at8:52 pm

    wondering if i can find an indoor park in my area so i can ride it this winter… the snow’s started falling here, so i’ll probably be riding my snowboard starting next week or so. COME ON EL NIÑO!

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