“I was comfortable within a week of practicing for maybe like 15 min. per day. I’ve never skateboarded in my life…only snowboarded. It’s so wild how closely it feels to that, I’m super happy with it” – Jon, OHIO

The Complete Street Snowboarding Package

Street shredding every day – No lift tickets, no travelling, no cold

SR360 Technology

Shred your streets like no one else with the world’s only eSnowboard.


Swappable Battery Packs

The dream of every snowboarder is a mountain that goes forever.


Water Resistance

Only the LEIF’s unique design protects against water damage to the electronics from wet pavement.


Flight Deck Display

Battery level and bluetooth connectivity is critically important information when getting through long commutes.


Adjustable bindings to fit any size rider

Our bindings feature mounting slots that provide a variety of stances on each deck size.


Active Traction Control

Water-Resistant electronics built by engineers, tuned by snowboarders.


Carbon Fiber Decks

The highest quality decks made from our proprietary combination of carbon fiber, hardened maple, and fiberglass.


Quick-Release ABS Bindings

Built for comfort and control while shredding, with an easy exit.


Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Remote designed to keep control in your hand and your focus on the ride.

remote control