“I was comfortable within a week of practicing for maybe like 15 min. per day. I’ve never skateboarded in my life…only snowboarded. It’s so wild how closely it feels to that, I’m super happy with it” – Jon, OHIO


“It’s freaking AMAZING!!!! Best stress release tool ever!” George S, NYC


“[The LEIF] Arrived safe and secure! I’m f***ing addicted… lol” Rafael, Brazil

“My friends remarked that I was riding like it was my 3rd season when it was only my 2nd. So those 2 weeks on the Leif were almost like an extra season for me. I’m looking forward to how a whole off season riding the Leif can improve my riding for next season.” Julius L. Singapore


I use it for everything, and adjust my riding style depending on what I want to get out of it for that ride.” Adam B. AUSTRALIA


“I am absolutely loving the board. It is everything I hoped it would be. Dream come true” – Kyle C. CANADA


“The greatest invention ever made.” – David H. CALIFORNIA


It was a dream come true and I quickly got the hang of it… riding is all I can think about” – Bryan F. CALIFORNIA


The board exceeded all my expectations! Thanks for making every snowboarder’s dream come true!!” – John P. USA


“I can’t stress it enough how helpful you’ve been with all of this. Your level of customer support far exceeds any I’ve ever experienced, and I’m positive I’m not the only one feels that way.” – Adam B. AUSTRALIA


“I’ve been shredding like crazy…I’m totally addicted to riding the LEIF.” – David H. COTO DE CAZA


“5 batteries in and I’m carving both sides perfectly and turned a few 360s last night. I do love this thing. It’s so fun, and it’s very well built overall.” – Kurt O. USA


“It has been an awesome feeling boarding around and I’d  wait 2 years all over again if I had to! It was so worth it. Definitely the best product out there at the moment.” – Brian T. USA


“I have ridden it 8 times so far, and I have already learned all 4 variations of the 180 revert. I can do the front side regular, front side switch, backside regular, and backside switch 180 revert. I have even improved in my snowboarding since I have been riding my Leif board.” Robbie G. USA


“The board is really very nice, my experience is very positive, and I love to ride! This is exactly what I was searching for in order to make the year complete and not limited to winter only!” – Pawel R. POLAND


Really can’t live without it! This thing is so dang fun, I love it!” Keith B. USA


“Thanks for supporting your product so well. I really love riding. It is almost a nightly routine for me to get off work, come home and ride for an hour. It’s really added a lot of joy to the daily work grind. I’m almost 40 and it makes me feel like I’m 20 again and skipping classes to go hit a fresh powder day with friends!” Kurt O. USA


“Thanks guys, I know everyone is going to say the same thing, but you have really have created what every snowboarder dreams about.” Dan C. USA


“I love what you all have created” – Ashkan J. OHIO


“Just learned spinning to switch and back both ways. You’ve made an awesome product!” – Adam B. OHIO


“Thanks again for taking this project on—It’s by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever got in the mail. You have a totally happy customer on your hands. : Wow! This thing is awesome. Having a blast!” – Ryan H. TEXAS


What a great product! The board rules!” – Greg L. USA


“I just received my board and I have to tell you that it is freaking amazing!” – Anton S. SWEDEN


“The board arrived, it is honestly a dream. I can’t be without it for one second.” – Ruben A. GERMANY


You made my summer a lot more enjoyable in the city , thanks again.” – Dany W. CANADA

“Must say I love it! Takes a bit to get used to, but once you figure it out it rides like a dream.”  – Nick P. CANADA


“Taking my LEIF away is like taking a crack pipe from a crackhead! Super addicting man!” – Michael B. MIAMI


“It was super awesome to ride. So buttery. I loved it.” – Paolo G. JAPAN


I can’t get enough of this thing!”  – Adam S. USA


“Awesome board by the way! I’m a snowboarder and totally see/feel the potential of this board. Thanks for bringing such a new and innovative product to market!” – Bruce, Seattle


“By the way, The board is great and I love riding it. For me it’s the best board that is on the market. So much fun.” – Lucas, NYC