LEIF eSnowboard

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The world’s first electric vehicle that moves just like a snowboard. Add some adrenaline to your daily commute with the LEIF eSnowboard.

“Thanks guys, I know everyone is going to say the same thing, but you have really have created what every snowboarder dreams about.” Dan C., Customer

It was a dream come true and I quickly got the hang of it… riding is all I can think about” – Bryan F., Customer

“I have ridden it 8 times so far, and I have already learned all 4 variations of the 180 revert. I have even improved in my snowboarding since I have been riding my Leif board.” – Robbie G., Customer

“I can’t stress it enough how helpful you’ve been with all of this. Your level of customer support far exceeds any I’ve ever experienced, and I’m positive I’m not the only one feels that way.” – Adam B., Customer



For additional information on sizing, please visit our sizing recommendations page


Top Speed: 23 mph (37 kmph)

Weight: 18-20 lbs(9 kg) depending on model size

Range: Now with 10 miles with LT2X battery pack included. Upgrade to 15 mile range with an LT3X battery pack (not included)

Max Incline at Top Speed: 15% grade

Warranty: 2 years on motors, 1 year on batteries and 6 months (180 days) on everything else

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Product Description

SR360 Technology

Shred your streets like no one else with the world’s only eSnowboard.


Swappable Battery Packs

The dream of every snowboarder is a mountain that goes forever.


True Water Resistance

Only the LEIF’s unique design protects against water damage from wet pavement.


Flight Deck Display

Battery level and bluetooth connectivity is critically important information when getting through long commutes.


Adjustable bindings to fit any size rider

Our bindings feature mounting slots that provide a variety of stances on each deck size.


Active Traction Control

Water-Resistant electronics built by engineers, tuned by snowboarders.


Carbon Fiber Decks

The highest quality decks with the our proprietary mix of hardened maple, fiberglass and carbon fiber.


Quick-Release ABS Bindings

Built for comfort and control while shredding.


Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Remote designed to keep control in your hand and your focus on the ride.

remote control

Wheel Color Options

Sky Blue, Electric Orange and Eco Green.

wheel color options

The Complete Street Snowboarding Package

No lift tickets, no travelling, no cold – just street shredding every day.

Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 14 x 10 in
Wheel Color

Sky Blue, Electric Orange, Eco Green


LT2X (10 miles), LT3X (15 miles)

Deck Size

77cm, 82cm, 87cm