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LOS ANGELES, California – Blasting down hills, carving and sliding with ultimate control are the moments that snowboarders live for. It’s a rush and a feeling of freedom that you can only experience on snow for just a few months of the year.

But what if this experience was available all year round?

The newest electric rideable on the market fills the summer gaps for snowboarders worldwide. Called the LEIF, this gives snowboarders the experience of carving and sliding on flat city streets – all year round, and in every city in the world.

“The LEIF was built by die-hard snowboarders that dreamed of riding all year round. It is a great way to enjoy the feelings, movements and excitement of these sports during our daily commutes” says LEIF Technologies Founder and President, Aaron Aders.

Co-founder and Chief Engineer Daniel Seagren explains, “Riding the LEIF allows anyone to stay engaged with snowboarding while away from the hills or in the offseason – anywhere in the world.”


“The feeling of riding the LEIF is simply incredible for anyone who knows what it feels like to slide down a mountain – and having this freedom to slide sideways on flat ground is just amazing,” Aders continued, “we want to bring this excitement to the daily commute of other boarders like us.”

Experience the LEIF

LEIF Technologies is inviting the media to it’s Brooklyn headquarters to experience the LEIF eSnowboard. If you are a professional journalist interested in a live demo, riding the LEIF production model, or speaking with the founders, please email us.

About LEIF Technologies

We are snow / skate / surf / wake boarders that are inventing products that bring our passion of boarding (and adrenaline) to our everyday routines. The LEIF eSnowboard allows you to experience city streets in ways no one ever has before – and ride like a snowboard to work, school or any daily commute.

Our mission is to create new, exciting ways to experience our day-to-day environment – and this drive is at the core of every product we build.

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