It was a dream come true and I quickly got the hang of it… riding is all I can think about” – Bryan F. CALIFORNIA


A common question we receive is, “How long does it take to learn the LEIF?”

While some depends on your physical shape and ability, more depends on your desire to ride and learn! Riding the LEIF is a lifetime of progression, with the ability to develop skills and a riding style unique to you. Progressing on the LEIF comes in phases, and here’s our best shot at describing the phases of riding using our customer examples.

The phases are measured by our customers in battery cycles – which is the amount of riding for one battery charge. If you are commuting with LEIF, then 2 battery cycles or more per day is very typical.

Phase 1: Learning on the first few days (1-5 battery cycles)

Here’s a brief video of a customer that documented the first 90-minute ride on the LEIF. For reference, this customer (Cedric) only has experience skateboarding and snowboarding:


These videos show pretty much all of the phases you’ll go through on Day 1. In general, here are the time frames of the typical rider progression:

Gaining Balance (5-25 mins)

Start by riding the LEIF with no bindings to make jumping off easier. Most of the first 20 minutes is spent riding for a few feet then losing balance and jumping off. This is your brain learning to balance on the board, just like riding a bike for the first time. Typically after 20-30 minutes, you are able to stay on the board and ride without losing your balance. Jumping off every 10 seconds can get boring – but if you keep at it, you’ll have it down in just 20-30 minutes!

First Carves (25-60 mins)

After getting the general balance of the board, the next step is to learn to carve turns. This is more or less riding like a skateboard, but being able to lean into the turns much more. This step does not involve sliding, although must customers are trying slides already – it is hard to resist!

First Slides (25-90 mins)

Throwing your very first slide takes confidence – so take the time to get some balance on the board by carving before you throw your first slide. Also make sure to keep the bindings off the board for your first slide, so that you can jump off easily and bail if necessary.

First Spins (1-2 hours)

Like Ced in the video above, many riders get the first spins in at the 1-2 hour mark.  Notice how he’s not using bindings yet – and this is a great thing! The more work you put in without bindings, the better – because when you do put bindings on, you’ll have much more control and be super comfortable.

Put on Bindings (2-4 hours)

Once you feel comfortable sliding on the board, it is time to put on your bindings. This will allow much more control of the board and allow you to control donuts, burnouts, slides and spins with a much greater degree!