LEIFTech has partnered with FuturePay to bring an easy, straightforward financing option for our customers – This is the fastest and easiest way to start shredding your commute.

“FuturePay was super easy to use and I was surprised how quick it was. It was almost too easy.  I plan on starting off with a down payment to lower the overall fees.”

David B., N.C.

How to Finance with LEIF

Step 1: Choose FuturePay at the LEIF Checkout, accept the LEIF terms & conditions and click Place Order to start the application process


Step 2: Input your email address, birthday, and the last four digits of your social security number


Step 3: Accept terms & conditions and click Complete Signup

You’ll receive an email within minutes confirming your purchase, and your LEIF eSnowboard will arrive within 2-4 business days!

Commute with LEIF and it Pays for Itself

  • San Francisco
  • $ 91 Savings Per Month
  • bart
  • New York
  • $ 116 Savings Per Month
  • nyc-mta
  • Los Angeles
  • $ 100 Savings Per Month
  • la-metro

LEIF Financing FAQ

How do I check out using FuturePay?

When you are ready to check out with a retailer offering FuturePay, simply select FuturePay as your payment method. Then enter your FuturePay username and password to complete your purchase.

Are there any financing costs?

FuturePay makes online shopping flexible and affordable, with simple, transparent fees. At the end of every billing period, you can pay off your balance in full, or make a minimum payment and carry the rest of the balance for only $5/month per $500.

FuturePay makes shopping easier and also allows you to enjoy flexible payment options with no hidden fees.

Who can apply to FuturePay?

Legal U.S. residents 18 years or older can apply. (Alabama and Nebraska residents must be at least 19 years old.)

What can I do if my purchase is declined?

If your account is in good standing, please try to make the purchase again. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support department.

How is a refund applied to my account?

When a merchant issues a refund, your FuturePay account will be automatically credited. Should you experience a delay longer than 5 days after receiving merchant confirmation, please contact FuturePay Customer Support for assistance.


What do I do in case of a statement error or an incorrect charge?

If you encounter a statement error, or an incorrect charge, please contact Customer Support and provide details of your account and nature of the dispute.

How do I make a payment?

All balances can be paid online by bank transfer. Update your FuturePay account with your banking information for convenient and secure payments.

To make a payment, log into FuturePay and choose one of following options:

    • Pay off current balance in full at any time prior to the due date
    • Pay your minimum due and carry over your tab for one month for a $5/month for every $500 of carried balance
    • Mail a payment to:
      FuturePay Inc.
      PO Box 17634
      Salt Lake City UT 84117

How will I receive my statement?

All statements can be viewed when you log into your FuturePay account. When your monthly statement is ready, we will notify you by email. Every month your statement will include:

  • All new purchases made
  • Payments applied on your previous statement
  • Your billing Due Date
  • Minimum Payment Due
  • Any fees charged during the statement period

Please make sure you add FuturePay to your safe recipients email list, to ensure receipt.

What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at FuturePay.com. You will then receive an email guiding you through the steps to set up a new password.

Please note: after a password request has been made, you will not be able to make any purchases until you have successfully set a new password. To verify your identity, you will be asked to provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your SSN to reset your password.

How do I edit my profile information?

Log into FuturePay and click on “Edit Account” to update your contact and banking information.

How do I access and update my FuturePay account?

After your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with your account information and a link to activate your account. Once received, click on the link to activate your account and complete your contact and banking information.

Where can I review FuturePay’s terms and conditions in full?

FuturePay full Terms and Conditions can be read here. For additional questions and information, please contact Customer Support.

What makes FuturePay a faster and more convenient payment option?

Forget about entering tons of payment information and credit card numbers. With FuturePay, checkout is simple. Just enter your email and FuturePay password and you’re done!

Your statement will indicate your Due Date. You should make sure to pay at least your minimum due amount prior to the indicated Due Date.

How can I apply for FuturePay?

You can apply while making a purchase during checkout on LEIFTech.com. To apply, you only need to enter your birthdate, the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, along with a contact email address. Subject to credit approval, this process takes only seconds after which you can complete your purchase.